03/16/2012 01:41 pm ET

Dwayne Flourney Accused Of Killing Father, Grandmother Before Throwing Party

A man allegedly stabbed his grandmother and father to death in the New Jersey home where he grew up before inviting friends over to party, a prosecutor alleged.

Dwayne Flourney, 26, supposedly stuffed his dead grandmother, Sandra Flourney, 76, in a car trunk on Saturday. When his father returned to the Maplewood home, Flourney knifed him too and hid his remains on the sun porch underneath a tarp, according to the Essex County Prosecutor's office.

Attendees of the party were apparently unaware that a double homicide had taken place just hours before they showed up, the Star-Ledger reported.

On Sunday, the suspect fled the house in his father's car.

Co-workers of the father, Brian Flourney, 52, called police when he didn't show up for his job as an investigator with a local public defender's office. Cops then checked out the home and discovered the corpses.

Police apprehended the suspect on Tuesday in the home of a female friend. They say he used the same knife to kill both relatives, but offered no suggestion on his possible motive.

Flourney was booked on two murder charges and several weapons counts. acting county prosecutor Carolyn Murray said.