03/16/2012 02:42 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Home Makeover: A Kitchen Nook Is Transformed Into A Stylish Work Space (VIDEO)

The Homeowner: Deena and Daniel Rosenberg

The Dilemma: For Deena and Daniel, their home already had two dining areas: A formal dining room and an eating area in the living room. So, they wanted the kitchen nook to function more like an office and live/work space, instead. It would serve a more practical purpose for their busy schedules where office work does sometimes find its way into the house.

The Fix: First, rather than bringing in a normal office table, a secretary desk was added to the nook. It's a compact alternative that can be closed up to hide electronics and wires when not in use, and its tall but narrow shape means that it won't occupy too much floor space. And, since the nook is close to the entrance, the secretary and its various storage compartments make it the perfect catchall for mail and other items that need to be dropped off when entering the home.

Additionally, the secretary fits in with the rest of the kitchen nook's decor, which includes a leaf table that can be pushed against the wall for breakfast or pulled out and extended for dining. But, more importantly, the table is a convenient piece that can double as a work surface in addition to the secretary.

To really complete the look for the new live/work space, the odd-sized window was fitted with custom roman shades in a soft green -- for a calming touch of color. While custom shades can be a little pricey, it's often worth the investment. For this nook, the awkward size of the window meant that custom was the only option. And, going just that extra mile gave the space a colorful focal point and a whole new look in return.