03/16/2012 02:46 pm ET

Mary McCormack Discusses Filming 'In Plain Sight' While Pregnant (VIDEO)

Mary McCormack gave birth to her third daughter in September of 2011, and fans of her USA witness protection drama "In Plain Sight" got to experience the pregnancy right along with her. The show, which returns for its Season 5 premiere on Friday night, wrote McCormack's pregnancy into her character Mary Shannon's storyline starting last season. McCormack discussed the experience of filming the show while pregnant in an interview Friday on "Live! With Kelly" (weekdays on ABC).

"It's nice I think for women to see an actual pregnant person on TV ... so that part was good for women, but it was sort of a shame spiral for me," she quipped.

McCormack and Kelly Ripa then compared other experiences they've had shooting shows that chose not to write the actresses' pregnancies into their scripts, instead attempting to hide them with props and camera-tricks. McCormack dealt with that while filming "The West Wing," and Ripa experienced it in her "All My Children" days.

"On 'The West Wing' they didn't write it in, and it started with a big desk, and then a laptop, and then by the end ... it was literally a close up of my eye," McCormack remembered.

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