03/16/2012 10:22 am ET Updated Mar 16, 2012

MTA Worker Phylathia Moore Allegedly Punches Janet Ojeda In The Face (VIDEO)

An MTA worker was arrested and charged with allegedly attacking a woman in a subway station in the Bronx on Thursday.

Police say 45-year old Phylathia Monroe repeatedly punched the victim in the face, picked her up, and threw her against a door.

The victim, 26-year old Janet Ojeda, tells CBS she was struggling to find 10 cents for her fare, when the two women exchanged heated words. Monroe allegedly lost her temper and exited her token booth to grab Ojeda by the neck and started attacking her.

Ojeda was treated at Lincoln Hospital for her injuries and reported the incident to the nearby 40th Precinct station.

Ojeda described, "She came and she swung me against the gate and she picked me up with one hand and she was just looking straight into my eyes like...I started seeing a blur. And I’m trying to get air. And she could hear me, but she didn’t let go. It was scary. All I was thinking was if I was going to see my family again."