03/17/2012 04:03 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2012

Dancing Boxes 'Outliers'

Mark Mellman says Romney will limp over the finish line; Harry Enten agrees that Romney is inevitable.

Sean Trende finds this week's Southern primaries changed nothing.

Gene Ulm argues that "real" Gross Domestic Product growth is no boon for Obama.

Frank Newport charts the Republican race by gender and religion.

Nate Silver says geography has been destiny in the GOP race.

Doug Schwartz finds a dwindling enthusiasm gap in Pennsylvania.

Ruy Teixeira explains that only few independents are swing voters; Bill Galston says ignore swing voters at your peril.

John Sides explains that game changers are rare, because few voters pay close attention.

David Graham says polls about Obama's religious beliefs only help perpetuate myths.

The New York Times uses 'dancing boxes' to visualize exit poll data (via Flowing data).