03/16/2012 09:05 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

What You Should Make This Weekend (Photos)

No matter how much you might enjoy cooking, during the week it just really isn't a pleasant activity: it's an obligation. You're tired from a long day at work or with the kids, you (and others) are hungry and don't want to wait for a meal to be ready to satisfy those growling stomachs, and the thought of washing a single dish is enough to make you put up your hands in defeat and just call it a night.

All this aside, most of us still do cook dinner during the week. But it's cooking out of necessity, not joy. Though once the weekend rolls around, all that changes. Come Friday night, our energy levels are back and we are ready to have a good time. For some reason, even though we finally have the time and the energy to create some really great dishes, our mind draws a blank and we have no idea what to make. Does this happen to you? If so, then you've come to the right place. We at Kitchen Daily know all too well how that feels, and so we've put together a list of recipes that are perfectly appropriate -- and perfectly delicious -- for this weekend.

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Recipes I Want To Make This Weekend