03/16/2012 11:32 am ET

Sarah Palin Predicts An Enduring Legacy For Conservative Blogger Andrew Breitbart

Sarah Palin eulogized conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart and issued a call to continue his work Thursday in an editorial on Breitbart's Big Government website.

Palin wrote that Breitbart's ultimate goals were to expose the corruption of Barack Obama and news outlets such as "the weird and creepy Media Matters."

Palin charged that the media had failed to vet Obama during the 2008 race, and instead "shielded him" with "tingles up their legs."

"This corruption was entirely predictable," she wrote. "But the mainstream media, who work under our Constitutional right of freedom of the press which our sons and daughters fight in war zones today to protect, dropped the ball and failed America by refusing to vet their chosen candidate. So, as Breitbart declared in his last CPAC speech, we – the everyday patriotic citizens of the United States – will do the vetting the media refused to do."

Urging readers to follow the hashtag #IAmAndrewBreitbart on Twitter, Palin predicted that Breitbart would inspire a new generation of conservatives in Hollywood and the media.

"I’ve seen it first hand," she wrote. "When my daughter Bristol saw the video of Breitbart’s speech at a Tea Party rally in Madison, Wisconsin, she was fired up. She turned to me and said, 'Breitbart is cool!'"

Breitbart passed away suddenly on March 1 at age 43.