03/16/2012 02:59 pm ET

'This American Life' Retraction: Other Journalism Fabrication Scandals

The journalism world was rocked Friday when public radio program "This American Life" announced that it was retracting a story it had run about the conditions in Apple's Chinese factories, saying the piece was "partially fabricated."

Host Ira Glass said that actor Mike Daisey, whose monologue formed the basis of the story, had lied to the program during the fact-checking process, and that he and his colleagues had been too trusting of him.

For his part, Daisey said his mistake had been to present his show as a piece of journalism.

The incident is a black eye for "TAL," which has gained a reputation for journalistic excellence over the years. But the show is hardly the first to suddenly have a fabrication scandal on its hands.

Below, see examples of some of the great journalism stories that turned out to be too good to be true

Journalism Scandals