8 Drinking Benders And Hangovers In Literature

By Jonny Segura for Bookish:

St. Patrick's Day isn't St. Patrick's Day until you slip in a puddle of Guinness-black vomit. Heritage aside, St. Pat's is our national drinking holiday, where people start early, end late and pay the price the day after. Somewhere in there is probably some terrifying karaoke, fried food, and 10 bad decisions to have just one more. Don’t remember? No problem, because one of your jerk friends put it all on Facebook and tagged you in that photo where you're shirtless, wasted, bleeding from the neck and walking across tables like Iggy Pop in his Berlin years. But no matter how bad (or good, depending on where you want to go in life) your St. Patrick's Day gets, know that you are not alone. Drinking and its vicious aftermath have long been darling subjects of novelists. We've put together some of our favorite stories of excess to make you laugh, cry silently in a bus station bathroom, and read on the ride to rehab. And, yes, we intentionally omitted the novels of Bukowski, because enough already.

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