WATCH: Teens React To 'The Hunger Games' Trailer

What happens when you get 12 teens together between the ages of 14-18, turn on The Hunger Games trailer, and film their reactions? A whole lot of squealing, apparently, and the latest installment of the "Teens React" series by The Fine Bros, which you can watch in the video above.

Unlike a few other videos on the popular YouTube channel -- like "Teens React to Twilight" and the recent "Teens React To Shane Dawson" -- the young people involved in this segment seemed to agree on one thing: The Hunger Games movie "looks badass." But the million dollar question was: Do they prefer the books or the movie? Perhaps surprisingly to some, considering the exploding popularity of Suzanne Collins' Young Adult title, most of the participants agreed "movies [win] over books any day." In fact, some of the teens who seemed most enthusiastic about the trailer admitted they hadn't actually read, or had started but not finished, the book series.

Their favorite character? The story's protagonist, Katniss, who they described as "powerful," "feminist," and "not like Bella [from Twilight] - because she didn't do anything except love someone." The teens also strongly agreed that the books were appropriate for people in their age group -- and that adults perhaps should not underestimate what young people can and cannot handle. One participant pointed out that most of her peers play more violent videos games.

However, perhaps the most amusing part of the interview was when the teens were asked to describe what the trailer reminded them of. Their top picks included Gladiator, communism, and Robin Hood.

So, what was your reaction the first time you saw The Hunger Games trailer? Do you think the teens in this video are representative of most of your friends? Sound off in the comments below or tweet all things HG to @huffpostteen!