03/20/2012 10:20 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2012

Chor Boogie And Trek Six Revive Wynwood Boombox Next To I-95 (PHOTOS)

While San Francisco graffiti artist Chor Boogie was in town painting the entrance mural to the Miami Dade County Youth Fair, he had some extra time.

So he and fellow artist Trek Six decided to revive the boombox mural in Wynwood at NW 6th Avenue and 23th Street.

Graffiti artist Sonni last adorned the building, which is highly visible from I-95, in bright primary colors. See his boombox in the slideshow below.

"As a sign of support for my people in Miami, I embraced the opportunity to collaborate with Trek Six and the Foreman," Chor Boogie told HuffPost Miami. "As the concept evolved, we painted the building silver. Each artist took a speaker and we took it from there."

"Being local Miamians," Trek Six said, "the boombox was kind of a historical site. But in this last year, we have really missed it. We felt it was our social duty to bring the boombox back."

The mural, which was sponsored by Soula Booking, was painted purely by hand (i.e., no stencils or tape) over four days.

Click below for images of the boombox in progress, the old boombox, and Chor Boogie's Youth Fair work: