03/19/2012 11:22 am ET

Every 'Itchy & Scratchy' Episode On 'The Simpsons' In 48 Minutes (VIDEO)

If you're a longtime "Simpsons" fan and have an hour to kill, you might just want to stay right here.

YouTuber MrBestDeni has edited together a massive, 48-minute supercut of nearly every "Itchy & Scratchy" episode on "The Simpsons." After 500+ episodes, there have been more gory, 30-second cat vs. mouse battles than we can remember. Can you think of any that he left out?

On the video's YouTube page, the editor wrote that he also wants to compile all of Gil Gunderson and Troy McClure's scenes into videos as well, so you can also look forward to that. Watch the "Itchy & Scratchy" supercut above.

Via Buzzfeed/TDW