03/19/2012 01:46 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2012

Intruder Caught With His Pants Down: Police In New Hampshire Arrest Joshua O'Shea

If you catch an uninvited half-naked man in your home, you're probably going to remove him using whatever you can.

A stunned New Hampshire resident swung a shovel and hurled vice grips at a pants-less intruder sneaking around his home early Sunday morning, WMUR reports.

Manchester Police identified the nude house guest as 31-year-old Joshua O'Shea, of Epsom. Lindsay Bolton, who lives in the residence, discovered the suspect after she finished feeding her 5-month-old child.

"He had no pants on," Bolton told the television station. "He had a T-shirt, no pants, no boxers, nothing."

O'Shea was seated in the living room recliner, nude from the waist down, according to Fox Boston. The suspect appeared intoxicated and disoriented.

Bolton called her boyfriend, Derek McNutt, who was asleep in another room.

"He threw vice grips at me. I threw them right back at him,” McNutt told WMUR.

The boyfriend also used a wrench and a baseball bat to fight off O'Shea. At one point during the debacle, McNutt and Bolton found themselves locked out of the home -- both of Bolton's children still inside with the intruder -- after running to their truck for a baseball bat.

O'Shea allegedly stole a pair of sweatpants and ran. Police caught up with the suspect and made their arrest.



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