03/19/2012 04:50 pm ET

Jon Hamm Reacts To Batman Pitch From Jimmy Pardo Backstage At 'Conan' (VIDEO)

Comedian Jimmy Pardo nabbed an interview with Jon Hamm backstage at "Conan" during Hamm's recent guest spot, and had a pitch for the "Mad Men" star's next movie: Batman, starring Hamm and Pardo. After all, Batman is fair game now that Christian Bale has planned to vacate role after "The Dark Knight Rises."

But Hamm was less receptive to the idea than one might hope, and explained why -- by turning the tables on Jimmy, and complimenting his "rapier wit" as reason to include him in this Batman reboot. Hamm even continues his anti-rape public advocacy by deflecting the opportunity to "Sarah Palin it up" by making an cheap "rapier" joke. Jon Hamm: Not only hates rape, but hates easy humor. What's not to like?

Hamm has guested on Pardo's great podcast "Never Not Funny" several times, and the rapport between the two is a joy to watch.

Team Coco, the online home of all things Conan O'Brien, was wise to put their opening act's quick wit to good use by having Pardo interview celebrities backstage exclusively on Oh, and fans of "Never Not Funny" should watch till the end of this interview to watch Jimmy forget which of his jobs he was doing.