03/19/2012 08:03 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2012

Obamas Stroll To Church Service Amidst Cherry Trees In D.C. (PHOTOS)

The first family took advantage of the springtime (well, almost) air in Washington on Sunday to walk to a service at St. John's Church, their typical place of worship.

As they strode past some of the newly blossoming cherry blossom trees, the Obamas smiled and greeted reporters. Mrs. Obama opted for a stately purple coat over a blue printed top, and POTUS looked dapper in a classic suit and striped tie. Our personal fave: Sasha's adorable red blazer and a head full of curls.

Rev. Thomas Reid Ward Jr.'s sermon started with reflections on the hymn "Amazing Grace," which the congregation had sung earlier. He reflected on slavery and the slave trade and also spoke about John Newton, the hymn's author.

Following the sermon, the Obamas knelt at the altar to receive communion alongside other churchgoers.

The president and his family have worshipped at St. John's previously -- the church is located across from the White House -- and they're also known to attend church while traveling (even on tropical vaycays!).

But of course, the Obamas can't simply waltz into church and slide into a back pew undetected like most families can do. Preparation for a first family church visit includes Secret Service tours of the chapel pre-service, vetting of ministers and other security precautions.

Absent were Malia Obama and Bo Obama, the latter who might have been busy with his upcoming Easter bunny duties.