03/19/2012 03:25 pm ET

Puppies Herd Ducklings, Fight Over Water Bowl In Adorable Animal Planet Clip (VIDEO)

These Australian Shepherd puppies are determined to perfect their herding skills, but a group of ducklings are set on making the task a bit difficult. And when it's time for a water break, Finn, a 10-week-old pup, isn't too keen on sharing.

The pup tries to fend off the group of ducks from the water bowl, but they keep waddling back for more. Fed up with the situation, Finn lets out a small yelp to get the ducks back in line.

The cry, though, does little to scare off the ducklings, which continue to splash in the cool water as if nothing's happened.

Finally, when mom comes to Finn's aid, playtime comes to an end and the ducklings quickly assemble into a group.

Phew. Herding can be tough work. That's why both groups soon call it a day with a cuddly nap.

The dogs might have clinched victory in this cute Animal Planet clip, but in another video, a feisty, little duckling refuses to step down to a dog. The little fuzz ball peeps and peeps as the nervous pup bounces around the living room unsure about how to proceed.

And so, both ducks and puppies shall live on to continue their friendly battle another day.