03/19/2012 08:45 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges For Spring Are Confusing (POLL, PHOTOS)

Women's shoes are a frequent topic of conversation in The Huffington Post offices. Our team here at Stylelist is equally divided on the subject -- half of us prefer comfy (but cute!) flats, while the rest of us like to teeter through the office in towering stilettos. Arianna Huffington is dedicated to flats after a high heel disaster involving a stiletto and a subway grate.

So when Marc By Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant showed sneakers in their spring collections, there was an audible sigh of relief from some factions in the fashion industry. But they fooled us! There are wedges inside the sneakers, so while they look like the comfortable classic, they are actually...painful? We can't decide what we think of this trend, so tell us, are they a cool update on sneaks? Or just another way to make women suffer? And if you're curious to try it for yourselves, we've picked seven pairs you might want to step into.

Stylelist 7: Sneaker Wedges

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