03/19/2012 08:37 am ET

Swann MP3 Doorbell: Digital Doorbell Can Play Any Song You Want To When Someone's At The Door

Have you ever wished that your doorbell could play "Sexy And I Know It" whenever you had a visitor?

Does the chime of your doorbell often fill the silence of your home, and you find yourself wondering what it would be like if it played "Tipsy" by J-Kwon instead?

What if every time the Pizza Hut guy rang your doorbell, "Walkin' On Sunshine" started playing? How much more thrilled would you be to eat Pizza Hut?

You would be smiling and laughing and eating Pizza Hut pizza all night, that's how thrilled you would be! Thankfully, a company called Swann is making this feverish pizza-happiness dream a reality, with a new product called the MP3 DJ Doorbell. The new device, which is available now for $50, allows users to program their doorbell to play absolutely any song they want when it is rung.

That means "Sexy and I Know It," "Tipsy," "Walkin' On Sunshine," or even the White Stripes classic "My Doorbell" -- though that would be a rather cliche choice -- can sound throughout your apartment or home whenever you have a visitor.

The technology behind this Doorbell DJ is pretty simple. The product comes with the doorbell itself -- an attractive white wall unit -- and a wireless speaker (both of which require AAA batteries); when the doorbell is pressed, it sends a signal to the speaker to ring out. The speaker holds an SD card, which you can fill with your own music and use to select the doorbell anthem of your choice. The Doorbell DJ accepts SD cards of up to 32GB, or 10,000 songs, for those who are super indecisive about their doorbell music selection.

Personally, I have a fairly wide-ranging list of songs that I wish could play when someone buzzes in at my apartment, including but not limited to:

- "Separate Ways" by Journey
- "All Star" by Smash Mouth
- "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio
- "I Just Had Sex" by The Lonely Island featuring Akon
- "4'33"" by John Cage
- Audio of Daniel Day-Lewis' "I Drink Your Milkshake" speech from "There Will Be Blood"
- "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" theme song
- "Who Let The Dogs Out?" by Mitt Romney
- Theme Song from the Movie "Chariots of Fire", so that every time I walked to the door it would be like an inspirational race against time
- The sound of this adorable puppy barking after being rescued from under a house
- Christopher Walken reading "Where the Wild Things Are"
- "Drinking Out of Cups"

Now it appears that I will have my opportunity, for these and so, so many more Mitt Romeny gaffes to greet callers to my home. The MP3 DJ Doorbell is available at Radio Shack and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and, and can spice up your home ringing apparatus for under 50 bucks.