03/19/2012 03:31 pm ET

The Sleeper Car: Improv Everywhere Surprises Subway Riders (VIDEO)

For their latest mission, Improv Everywhere set out to Astoria, Queens to surprise some unsuspecting subway riders with an impromptu sleeper car.

Sure, nicer trains for cross-country trips totally have cars with beds on them for riders to use, but when your commute is only 30 minutes from home to the office, full-out reclining isn't the best use of space.

The crew came prepared with cots, bedding, eye masks, and even brand new sets of pajamas in order to convince people to participate in the sleeper car. And actually, after a few Improv Everywhere agents paved the way and modeled the use of the beds, regular people followed suit and gave the beds a spin.

For more info on the mission, you can check out the Improv Everywhere blog.