03/19/2012 03:27 pm ET

The Wiener's Circle, Chicago Hot Dog Stand, Gets Its Own Reality TV Show (NSFW VIDEO)

Chicago's most infamous hot dog stand, the Wiener's Circle, is about to get even more attention -- thanks to a new reality television show.

Premiering Tuesday on TruTV, the show is being touted as showcasing "the wildest wiener stand this side of the Mississippi."

"When late night revelers on the north side of Chicago step into The Wiener's Circle, they get more than a late night bite, they get a blast of sass from a food-slinging crew that puts the 'cuss' back in customer service!" the show announcement reads.

The added twist, the announcement continues, is that customers willing to take part in "outrageously irreverent and hilariously embarrassing challenges" will be awarded with free meat-centric entrees and fries.

The hot dog stand, located at 2622 N. Clark St. in the city's Lincoln Park neighborhood, has long been known, and in some circles revered, for "its profane, verbally abusive nighttime waitstaff, The A.V. Club Chicago notes. This American Life featured the popular stand on a 1996 episode.

The show premieres just weeks after a group of Wiener's Circle customers lost a $1 billion lawsuit against the Travel Channel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The customers were seeking damages because they claimed that footage from them eating at the restaurant, included in the channel's "Extreme Fast Food" show, violated their right to privacy.

The show premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST.



WATCH The Cheeseburger Show visit the Wiener's Circle circa 2009. Listener discretion advised -- this audio is most definitely NSFW: