03/20/2012 09:08 am ET

Alex Rodriguez Shopping Woes After Niece Charges $17,600 In Clothes To His AmEx

A-Rod may be one of the hottest baseball players in town, but that doesn't mean fashion girls -- and boutique owners -- are giving him any special treatment.

Page Six reports that the famous New York Yankee is in hot water after he took his 20-year-old niece, Michelle Silva, and his girlfriend Torrie Wilson on a shopping spree to Blue & Cream, a chi-chi boutique on New York's Bowery. Mistake number one.

At the store, Silva did what likely any 20-year-old armed with her insanely wealthy uncle's AmEx black card would do: shopped until she dropped, reportedly picking up $1,250 shoes, Herve Leger dresses and other sartorial splurges.

Her grand total? About $17,600. Yowza!

But when Silva got home, Page Six reports, her mother was upset that her brother had dropped so much money on clothes and told Silva she had to return them.

The problem? The store doesn't allow refunds; they'll only provide store credit.

A-Rod, though, isn't taking no for an answer and has supposedly sent his staff on a mission to dispute the charges.

It's not like A-Rod should be shocked that women like to buy clothes -- he's been linked to stylish A-listers like Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, who both are known Blue & Cream fans. And since A-Rod paid for the clothes with his own card and thus (ostensibly) was aware of the store's "no refunds" policy, he might be stuck with the pricey threads.

We're chuckling at the thought of A-Rod being saddled with $17,000 in store credit to a boutique. Maybe he could give all that designer merch to Derek Jeter for his fangirl goodie bags?

Click over to Page Six to read Blue & Cream's position on the A-Rod shopping spree gone awry.