03/20/2012 08:54 am ET

Barclays Center To Sell 'Original Brooklyn Water Bottling Company' Water Shipped From Florida

Despite a declaration to envelop itself in "quintessentially Brooklyn" cuisine, Barclays Center will be selling "Brooklyn" branded water produced some 1,250 miles away in Boca Raton, Florida.

Grub Street points our attention to the hokey water branding from the Florida-based, Original Brooklyn Water Bottling Company, which promises to successfully have developed a formula to "Brooklynize" water through a special filtration process in order to create "Brooklyn" bagels.

So confident were franchise owners that they could convince the masses their "game-changing" water could make bagels forget you actually weren't in Brooklyn, Larry King jumped on board as the company's national spokesperson -- the most Brooklyn man on television!

However, to the woes of the crafty businessman, the very same filtration process is currently at the center of a $2 million lawsuit, with the company defending their filtration process.

A lawyer for the local businessman suing Original Brooklyn spurned the whole facade, "The water filtration system is not unique and does not render water equivalent to Brooklyn water. You want Brooklyn water, go to Brooklyn. You want a Brooklyn bagel, go to Brooklyn." Amen!

The whole water business is officially strike one for Bruce Ratner and his mission to capitalize on the Brooklyn brand. What vendors and restaurants actually in Brooklyn should stadium executives look into next?

Watch Larry King and owners of the franchise discuss the water magic below: