03/20/2012 02:13 pm ET

Basel Hijaz, Shot to Death Saving Father From Pistol-Whipping Robbers Seeking Weed (VIDEO)

LOS ANGELES -- A father, Rasmi Hijaz, 62, stood in a Lynwood parking lot smoking and drinking coffee while his son, Basel, 27, sat in the car.

That's when two men approached them and demanded marijuana from Rasmi, KTLA reports. When Rasmi said he didn’t have any and to leave him alone, one of the men put a gun in Rasmi's face. When Rasmi struggled to get the gun, the man pistol-whipped the father several times in the face.

Basel got out of the car to try to help his father, but was shot multiple times in the upper body. Soon after, at a nearby hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Although Rasmi's face is badly bruised, he told KTLA that the physical pain doesn't compare to the emotional pain of losing his son.

Investigators ask that anyone who has any information on the suspects come forward to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. The two suspects are described as being black and between 18 and 20 years old.