03/20/2012 02:43 pm ET

Chicago Firefighters Talk Dog Off Ledge (VIDEO)

Chicago firefighters rescued a possibly suicidal, but more likely confused, dog from a ledge in the city's Lincoln Park neighborhood Monday afternoon.

WGN News reports that Maggie, a 4-year-old wire fox terrier, crawled out of a cracked fourth floor window near Menomonee and Cleveland and was "teetering on a ledge that was about five inches wide and four stories up."

When Maggie's terrified neighbors called the fire department, crews responded right away and were able to scoop the small dog off of the ledge.

“We’re so grateful to have them right around the corner, a second away, and we're hopeful we won’t ever need them for something like this again,” the dog's owner told WGN.

Watch firefighters in action above.