03/20/2012 06:41 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2012

Cohabitation Agreements: Are Prenups For Unmarried Couples A Good Idea?

On Tuesday, CNN Money reported on the growing number of unmarried couples opting to sign cohabitation agreements, legally binding contracts that bear a striking resemblance to prenuptial agreements. Prepared by attorneys and protective of personal assets, the agreements often address the same issues prenups regularly do, including child custody and support obligations.

"We've seen a real dramatic increase," Ken Altshuler, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers told CNN Money. "A lot more people are delaying, or forgoing, marriage and people are realizing as you get older, you have more things to protect."

We took to Twitter to ask if you believe signing a cohabitation agreement is a smart decision for unmarried couples. Click through the slideshow below to learn what people think of the trend.

Prenups for Unmarrieds