03/20/2012 03:59 pm ET

Firefighters In Drag Put Out Sudden Fire During Minnesota Parade (VIDEO)

As if they weren't hot enough, two Minnesota firemen dressed in brightly colored gowns jumped into action to put out a sudden fire that erupted during a St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday, WCOO-TV reports.

Two members of the fire department in Sedan, Minn., were marching in the annual Padua Parade when a truck caught fire on Saturday, Sauk Centre Fire Chief John Egan told the station.

As the fire began to spread to another vehicle, the firefighters quickly lifted up their strapless, floor-length dresses and started dousing the flames.

In the meantime, bystander Paul Streitz caught the action on tape and posted it to his Facebook page. When a number of commenters suggested that the two men were simply making a show, and that they should have not have attempted to put out the fire wearing dresses, Streitz responded by arguing that they followed the best possible course of action.

According to Streitz in the video's Facebook comments:

Hey lets put this in to perspective.. The Sudan [sic] Volunteer fire department was in Padua to do community service for the parade a fire brakes out and if they were to say lets wait for the fire department that is assigned to this area to get here (15miles away) because we are not in proper gear what would people say? They were in line for the parade 300 yards away and in my opinion did an amazing job.. If anything we should be thankful for the work they did.

The Sauk Centre Fire Department has 30 members, all of whom are volunteers, according to their webpage. The men in the parade were raising money to pay for a new fire hall and truck, according to