03/20/2012 05:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Grand Central Unveils New Logo For Centennial (VIDEO)

Grand Central's 100th birthday is coming up in 2013, and so it's giving itself a lavish birthday present -- a new logo!

Designer Michael Beirut of Pentagram chose the clock in the center of Grand Central as the new logo because he felt it was most emblematic of the rendezvous experience of the station.

Beirut says the clock is "beautifully done, as is every single element is in Grand Central."

(There's also a little nod to the station's history in the clock's face. Watch the video above to find out what it is.)

New Yorkers are lucky there is even a Grand Central to enjoy today, don't forget, rather than some horrible fluorescent-lit basement dungeon like Penn Station, which replaced a similarly grand design. Of course you can thank Jackie Onassis and other New York leaders for spearheading the fight to save the station in 1976 from being gutted for some 53-story tower.