03/20/2012 05:39 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2012

'Hunger Games' Fans Outside Barnes & Nobles In Union Square Wait To See Actors (PHOTOS)

Legions of loyal teen fans lined up outside the Barnes & Noble in Union Square on Tuesday, eager for their golden chance to get a peak at the stars of "The Hunger Games" who are scheduled to make an appearance at the bookstore at 8PM.

Young bibliophiles started preparing for the sidewalk encampment the night prior in order to get a chance at receiving a limited number of wristbands handed out at 10AM this morning. Fans were directed to purchase any of "The Hunger Games" books, NOOK Book, or soundtrack, which the cast will graciously autograph during the event.

The New York Times caught up with some excited teenagers, one of whom was decked out in the movie's memorabilia and exclaimed, "I don’t even know who I’m going to meet. But I’m excited."

As exemplified by a recent New York Sports Club ad, it's not all teenagers who are excited for the upcoming film release.

The gym is featuring a month-long promotion with a "Hunger Games" themed workout that requires "Tributes" to compete against each other in a series of stations demanding jumping jacks and crunches. The victorious "Tribute" with the most amount of points then gets adorned with a mockingjay pin. And the satisfaction of knowing they just competed in a "Hunger Games" themed gym workout.

25-year old speech pathologist Sara-Jean Bartky bought a ticket for Thursday's midnight screening and explained the film's appeal: "I know I'll be surrounded by hoards of screaming teenagers, but I'm excited to be right there with them. I've cried every time I've seen the preview. It's oddly cathartic."