03/20/2012 03:33 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier On Andrej Pejic: He's A 'Modern Woman Boy' (PHOTOS)

There's no question that Jean Paul Gaultier is fond of Andrej Pejic.

After all, the androgynous male model has walked Gaultier's fashion shows and currently serves the new face of his men's fragrance, Kokorico.

Gaultier, who turns 60 in April, sat for an interview with Fashionista, and when asked about Pejic, the French designer mused about the model's fluid gender aesthetics in terms of how they'll play out in the new campaign:

"What I should say is that he has a role—an important role because it’s like a threesome, three people—he is one of the three. He is quite beautiful and incredible. I think he has something, like, everybody can recognize his beauty.

It must be male, but not straight male, it can be, women even find him beautiful and it can be gay men... But in reality, he’s like, what can we say, like, a modern woman boy of today. He’s not like the old type of let’s say, maybe like a drag queen or a transvestite, not at all."

This will be the fragrance's second campaign ad. The previous campaign, released in France last summer, featured male model Jon Kortajarena and two bra-clad girls.

And since we've seen Pejic look stunning in a bra and killer in a suit, we're sure he can pull off any aesthetic required of him with aplomb.

Click through our slideshow to see more of Andrej Pejic and head over to Fashionista to read more about Gaultier.


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