03/20/2012 11:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Marco Rubio Tweets Sneak Peek Of 'An American Son' Book Cover

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio was once such an apparent shoo-in for the Republican Vice President nomination that some started to refer to the presidential candidates as potential Rubio "running mates."

But Rubio, often cited as the darling of the GOP, is a controversial public figure, especially here in his hometown of Miami.

Although he's often held as the GOP's Latino vote savoir, the young 44-year-old senator has consistently voted against interests of the Latin American population in regards to the economy and immigration.

Last year, he was also caught fudging his parents' immigration, citing them as Cuban political exiles when in fact they fled in 1956, three years before Fidel Castro took power.

So many are anxious to hear what Rubio has to say about these inconsistencies and contradictions in his upcoming autobiography, An American Son.

The book doesn’t release until June, but Monday, Rubio tweeted the jacket cover of the highly anticipated book.

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The publisher, a Penguin imprint, leaked a few details to the press last month.

Apparently, An American Son will reveal his father's role in trying to overthrow Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo, Rubio's Mormon years, and which rock musical mockumentary he re-watches to unwind.

While An American Son will no doubt flush out Rubio's "American Story," critics at home will be scouring the book to find out why one of the most powerful Latino politicians has swayed so far from his cultural base.

Critical of Rubio's opposition to the Dream Act and protectiveness of the 1%'s massive wealth, 1Miami blogger Jose Saurez writes:

As the real-life stories of hard-working fellow Latinos sink into the murky recesses of Marco Rubio's political mind and as Miamians continue to sink deeper and deeper from the problems plaguing or city and state, the "rising star" is having one heck of a great time.

Concerned community advocates from Miami recently met with the Senator in D.C. to discuss their economic concerns and came away disappointed: "Many who attended the meeting with Sen. Rubio expressed that they could no longer support him no matter how many cafecitos he drinks at Versailles."

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