03/20/2012 01:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mark Neumann, GOP Senate Candidate, Uses Live Pig To Symbolize 'Pork' Spending

In an effort to draw attention to government spending, former Wisconsin congressman Mark Neumann brought a live pig to a press conference to symbolize unnecessary "pork" expenditures.

Neumann, who is running for the GOP nod in the state's U.S. Senate race, held a press conference at the Milwaukee Press Club on Monday. The 10-month-old pig, named Mr. Favors, was intended to represent unnecessary pork barrel spending, which Neumann argues is a major contributor to government waste.

During the press conference, the Wisconsin Republican criticized politicians who tack on earmarks in order to gain favor with donors and voters back home.

"Pork belongs on the dinner table, not in Washington, DC," he said while cradling the pig.

But while speaking to reporters outside the press club, Mr. Favors got a little out of hand.

"If you think he's squealing now, wait til you hear him in Washington, DC when they start really cutting wasteful government spending," he said as the pig started squealing loudly. Neumann and his aides then took the pig around a corner.

The former congressman faces a competitive primary against former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson, state assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon) and businessman Eric Hovde. The winner will face Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) in the race for retiring Sen. Herb Kohl's (D-Wis.) seat.

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