03/20/2012 04:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

TED Launches TED-Ed With A Mission To Spread Ideas (VIDEO)

TED's dedication to "Ideas Worth Spreading" is multifaceted, from their TED Talks to TED Conferences with topics as theoretical as happiness to as scientific as potential cures for cancer. So it's not surprising that they recently launched TED-Ed devoted to "Lessons Worth Sharing."

TED Ed was launched on March 12 with a mission to highlight those who spread ideas the best -- teachers. TED has elicited the help of teachers, animators and lesson writers across the globe to collaborate in creating 10-minute, easily digestible and cleverly illustrated lessons.

"Right now there's a gifted educator somewhere out there delivering a life-changing lesson," they say in the introduction video. "The Ted-Ed team hopes that anyone who is passionate about education will help us find that teacher, capture that moment, and amplify it the way it deserves to be amplified."

In the nine days since the launch, they have already uploaded 15 videos to their YouTube channel. The videos include quirky, line-drawn animations with lessons on vocabulary ("The Power of Simple Words") to more technical ones ("How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries" by MythBusters' Adam Savage).

Watch below for some choice picks from Ted-Ed:

"How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries"

"The Power of Simple Words"