03/20/2012 05:48 am ET Updated May 20, 2012

'Two And A Half Men': Evelyn Has A Surprising One Night Stand (VIDEO)

While Alan and Lyndsey attempted to entertain Lyndsey's mother for a few days, Walden found himself with nothing to do on "Two and a Half Men" (Mon., 9 p.m. ET on CBS). With Zoey out of town for another weekend, his boredom led to him reaching out to Jake and Eldridge.

They proved shockingly inept to him, wanting to work for him with no discernible skills save getting high and playing video games. When he attempted to take them to a party so they could hook up with girls, their stupidity was on full display. First, they couldn't find the party, and then they didn't realize at a restaurant they could hit on the two girls who just walked in and said hello to them.

But while Walden was beginning to understand Alan's frustration, he and Lyndsey concocted a plan to have their terrible mothers meet. Lyndsey's is passive aggressive while Evelyn has always been very in your face with her insults. What neither of them could have anticipated was that the two women would hit it off so well they'd ditch their children to go off clubbing.

Even more shocking, the next morning they came out in bathrobes together and shared a kiss. Clearly the night had gone well and then come back home where it continued to go very well. That shouldn't be awkward for their dating children at all. So was it a one night stand, or something more?

Catch "Two and a Half Men" every Monday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS to find out.

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