03/21/2012 08:59 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

6 Fabulous Home Designs Inspired By Your Favorite Games

Before I had kids, I loved using kitschy childhood favorites to decorate my home-space - Muppets, Hello Kitty, Raggedy Ann. It was good fun at the time, but since my extended adolescence finally ended with a "Push!" and then a "Waah!" three-odd years ago, it's become a lot less appealing.

For one thing, SpongeBob appears on every available surface even if I don't want him to. Hey, I love the little absorbent, yellow, porous fella as much as anyone, but enough is enough - I do like having décor that isn't fuzzy, neon, or enhanced with googly eyes.

And yet: There's something cheering about a home inspired by play. Emphasis on "inspired," as in "I did more than just stick a Monopoly throw on the couch." Here are some neat ideas that remind us, with a wink, that work is for work - and home is for fun.

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