03/21/2012 12:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Benjamin Jenks Makes 'I Love People' After 5,000 Mile Hitchhiking Journey (VIDEO)

Benjamin Jenks loves people. He loves people so much that he traveled 5,000 miles and took 3,000 photos with 930 people then compacted it into one 162 second stop motion video titled "I Love People."

Jenks is a traveler who shares his tips and adventures on 'minimal adventures' (read; hitchhiking) through his blog "Adventure Sauce." "Adventure Sauce" includes advice like "How to Sleep for Free" (apparently he saved $18,000 while hitchhiking 14,000 miles around the U.S.) and "How To Stay Calm As A Passenger (With Crazy Drivers)."

On one of his most recent hitchhiking journeys across the U.S., Jenks documented the 5,000 miles through photography; taking snapshots of his interactions with the people he met. He posted the "long" version (five and a half minutes) six months ago, but uploaded the condensed version a couple days ago. Of course, there are strippers in Las Vegas, monuments in Washington D.C. and street/day drinkers in New Orleans.

Watch below for "I Love People:"

I Love People: 5,000 Miles, 930 People, 162 Seconds from Benjamin Jenks on Vimeo.