03/21/2012 03:48 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2012

Giant Boulder Crushes 2 Cars, House In Athens, Ohio

Talk about rock and roll.

A boulder tumbled down an Ohio hillside on Tuesday night, ripping out utility lines before crushing two cars and part of a house, the Athens Messenger said.

The rock measuring 25 feet in diameter tore loose because of recent heavy rains and the growth of tree roots, according to the Athens Department of Engineering and Public Works.

"At first I thought it was thunder," neighbor Mary Diles told the Messenger. "Then I saw sparks and thought it was firecrackers."

When the debris settled, there were downed phone, power and cable lines as well as a damaged underground waterline.

No one was hurt by the gigantic tumbling stone. The family that lives in the damaged house were safely in another part of their home, MSNBC said. Two cars in their driveway were totaled too.

But authorities evacuated them and the residents of another nearby house while they examine the hill, the Associated Press reported.

Cleanup workers will pulverize the boulder into smaller stones so it can be hauled away.



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