03/21/2012 03:48 pm ET

Firefighter Helmet Cam Video Gives Up Close Look At Saving Lives

This video, uploaded by YouTube user smokeEATINGtrucky gives an unprecedented glimpse into the world of firefighting. Anyone who has ever wondered what it's like to be a firefighter, this is for you.

According to the video's info section, this fire occurred inside a two-story residential structure. The footage was taken with a small camera attached to the helmet of a firefighter.

Watch as the firefighter enters the blazing building and uses a high-power hose to put out the flames while the other workers use their axes to chop away burning wood.

It's been a good week for fire rescues. On Monday, second grade teacher Elaine Johnson helped save two children's lives after she was able to pull them from a burning SUV outside the school.

"There was fire everywhere, leaping at the sides of the car, all around, flames coming from underneath," teacher Judy Dronberger told KXTV. Thanks to the quick thinking and bravery of Johnson and others, no one was harmed in the fire.

Also this week, 10-year-old Antoine Burks saved his younger sister, Trinity, when their Lousville, Ky., home was engulfed in flames.

"I thought, what if something bad happens to her, it might have been my fault because I am her big brother, and I have to protect her," Antoine told WBKO-TV.

Although they both suffered first and second degree burns, both children are expected to make full recoveries.