03/21/2012 04:35 pm ET

Katy Perry Divorce: 3-D Film Will Focus On The 'Most Intense Year' Of Singer's Life

Are Katy Perry's past marital problems coming to a theatre near you?

Last week, the 27-year-old singer confirmed, via Twitter, a July 2012 release date for her 3-D concert film "Katy Perry: Part Of Me."

On Monday, the popstar divulged more details on the flick, telling BBC Radio 1 that the film will cover "all of last year, which was the most intense year I think of my life."

As for pitching the movie, Perry, whose highly publicized divorce from Russell Brand was finalized in February 2012, seemed to know just how to do it.

"You’ll appreciate this film because I feel like if you know everything about me, which you do -- kinda -- you’ll know even more," Perry said. "It’s basically like being in bed with me."

When asked if she'd be changing the blue hair she's sported since earlier this year, Perry offered a response which seemed to allude to her failed marriage: "Let me tell you about permanence -- it doesn’t exist."

It's not the first time the singer's brought up her breakup from Brand as of late. Earlier this week, a joking Perry reportedly told a British bride-to-be "don't do it!" after bumping into her at a London nightclub. But Perry also played nice, posing for pictures with the woman and congratulating her on her engagement.

Brand filed for divorce from Perry in December 2011, just 14 months after they wed.

Their split was reportedly amicable -- Perry signed the divorce doc with a smiley face and Brand, 36, requested no money from his former wife, even though their lack of prenup entitled the him to half of what Perry had earned during their marriage.