03/21/2012 11:40 am ET

Mitt Romney Illinois Primary Speech Stumbles Earn Teleprompter Quip From Rick Santorum

What exactly was going on with Mitt Romney during his speech last night? Addressing his supporters in Schaumburg, Illinois after his swift win in the Illinois primary, Romney stumbled his way through his remarks, making multiple false-starts and misreads and bumbles. Maybe he was just chuffed to bits at having won the Illinois primary over Rick Santorum, which is every child's dream. Or perhaps he was bereft of trees to talk about, botanically. OR MAYBE THE CHICAGO MACHINE GOT TO HIM!

Santorum, who is fighting teleprompters like they were some kind of birth control, made a crack about not having one of those devices at the ready. He then gave a fairly rambling speech of his own that, for some, demonstrated that he could probably use one of his own. But guys! Santorum had to just speak from the heart, about the tiny number of delegates he'd just won! Meanwhile, the Romney campaign had to confirm that his teleprompter was working just fine, which I guess means one of Romney's speech-pattern subroutines needs to be de-bugged, or something?

At any rate, I'd just like to insert the standard eye-roll about the "war on teleprompters" right here, and encourage you to watch HuffPost video producer Ben Craw's mashup of Romney's battle with his own victory speech.

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