03/21/2012 04:22 am ET Updated May 20, 2012

'New Girl': Dermot Mulroney As A Rich, Nice Guy Who Likes Jess, So Of Course She Freaks Out (VIDEO)

While he didn't have the most flattering debut, Dermot Mulroney's Russell ended up redeeming his character by the end of this week's installment of "New Girl" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on Fox). Perhaps he just couldn't resist Jess' "adorkable" charm. After all, he started by chastising her for nurturing his daughter's creativity at school, and ended by asking her out on a date.

In between, he helped her out of a jam when her car broke down -- going so far as to just abruptly lend her his -- and invited her to a fancy party at his house. At the same time, though, the principal at her school was insisting she apologize and grovel at his feet because he was a big donor to the school, but Jess didn't want to do that. So she brought Nick along. Nick who hates the rich and anything to do with money.

And Nick stuck to his guns, until he saw Russell's sweet, sweet office, filled with all the manly things important men have. He put on Russell's sweater and had so much fun pretending to be important they filled the end credits with his antics. But while he was distracted there, Jess was failing in her attempts to not like Russell. He was charming and honest about his weakness in trying to raise a daughter, and he even laughed when she put his Japanese toilet on six smiley faces -- he'd never tried more than three!

It was a water-filled disaster, capped off by Jess taking another spill moments after accepting his dinner proposal. Clearly, he's interested in her for her, and respects that she stands up for her own convictions. The best statement about his character was when he said in passing that he would never pull funding from the school while they were battling the toilet. It was genuine and sincere, and not said just because he liked her.

See where things go next on "New Girl," Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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