03/21/2012 01:03 pm ET

New Pro-Obama Super PAC Will Target Minority Voters And Donors

A new super PAC has been formed in support of President Barack Obama’s re-election efforts and plans to spend $10 million in six key states.

BuzzFeed reports the new super PAC, PAC+, announced on Wednesday, will seek to rally minority voters to the Democratic party.

“We’re really explicitly trying to build on the demographic changes in the country, targeting states where those changes can flip the balance of political power,” Steve Phillips, the chairman of the organization told BuzzFeed. “We think that’s really the route to go to build progressive power.”

PAC+ is a spinoff from the group Power PAC, which was the only major independent effort for Obama’s 2008 campaign.

PAC+ is also independent of the Obama campaign team. The group’s goal is to obtain membership-based support from minorities and progressives, which would hopefully stretch beyond the 2012 elections.

“We’re doing our own thing,” Phillips said, who believes that Obama may not have the same success in tapping into this particular network of donors the way he was able to do in 2008.

The group will target black and Latino voters in six key states: Arizona, Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, Ohio and California. Along with organizing minority voters, the group will also target blacks and Latinos as its primary donor base, through its membership offering.

Another pro-Obama super PAC, Priorities USA Action, caused some controversy shortly after being announced, because of Obama's former stance against super PAC's. It has not lived up to the expectations many progressives originally had for the group, however. In February the organization received half of its financing from Bill Maher.

After a surge in conservative-supported super PACs, Obama softened his once tough position against allowing outside groups to fundraise for political candidates.