03/21/2012 01:56 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2012

Satara Stratton, Aspiring Actress, Found Amidst Allegations She Was Drugged, Tortured And Attacked

Aspiring actress Satara Stratton, who had been reportedly missing since October, has been found. Now, the Los Angeles Police Department has launched a criminal investigation into her disappearance.

Stratton, 24, was looking for fame and fortune when she moved to Los Angeles last June from Chattanooga, Tenn. Instead, she may have spent the last four months being drugged, tortured and attacked, CBS2 reported.

Stratton was recently dropped off at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills and is being treated for injuries, but she spoke to LAPD Detective Carmine Sasso moments after she was found.

“She was concerned and emotional and wanted to be with her family,” Sasso said.

Although police did not give specifics about Stratton's condition, they released a statement in February explaining that she suffered from "a serious medical condition" and was in need of medical care, NBC Los Angeles reported.

During her time in L.A., Stratton landed a few small film roles under the name Satara Silver, but had more contact with cops than casting directors, as she had a few run-ins on suspicion of drugs.

"Part of her problem was she was sick to start with," her mother, Sharon, told NBC Los Angeles. "When she went out there, she became ill."

As part of the investigation, detectives have continued to interview Paul Constatinescu, the man who dropped Stratton off at the hospital last week. Constatinescu, 46, a resident of Hollywood, is a registered sex offender convicted of sexual acts with minors.

Stratton's mom, Sharon Stratton believes Constatinescu is responsible for everything that happened to her daughter while in Los Angeles.

"That man destroyed my little girl. He held her captive for more than four months in a place where she could not escape from," she told the Daily Mail. "He drugged her, tortured her, attacked her and who knows what else.

"She needs to be with her family and we need to get her healthy and back to normal and give her time to recover from the nightmare she has been through."

Stratton claims that when Satara is awake in the hospital, she screams uncontrollably, terrified the man will find her and drag her away.