'Star Wars' Video Game Creators Could Add 'Darth RuPaula,' A 'Transgender' Character: Florida Family Association

Perhaps not surprisingly, a number of rightwing groups have spoken out against "Star Wars: The Old Republic," a video game which allows players to engage in same-sex relationships.

The game has already sparked the ire of the American Decency Association, which slammed the game's creator BioWare for pandering to “homosexual extremists," Right Wing Watch notes.

Now, the Florida Family Association has gone even further, suggesting that the creators could create "Darth VaPaula, a (mock) transgender version of Darth Vader -- RuPaul, for kids to choose as their action player."

"There were no LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) characters in any of the 'Star Wars' movies," officials note. "So if BioWare, the maker of 'Star Wars' video games, adds LGBT characters for kids to select as their action figure it could be something like Darth RuPaula, a combination of Darth Vader, one of the most popular 'Star Wars' characters, and RuPaul, the renown transgender cross dresser."

Interestingly, the group seems to ignore the fact that RuPaul has always presented himself as a drag queen, as opposed to a transgender individual.

The group concludes by providing an email contact for BioWare's parent company Electronic Arts and Lucas Films "to stop any additions of LGBT characters to 'Star Wars' video games."

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