03/21/2012 03:07 pm ET

McDonald's Fight Is Third For Greenwich Village McDonald's (VIDEO)

Would you like a fight with that?

This video of an all-out brawl between McDonald's patrons in New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood is the third to occur at the same restaurant in just under a year, NBC reported.

(SEE MORE videos below. WARNING: Some contain graphic images and language.)

The amateur footage, shot from inside, shows at least five men punching, kicking and tackling one another on St. Patrick's Day as horrified customers scream.

As the melee dies down in the video, two of the brawlers are left trying to choke one another on the ground.

"He's going to kill the guy, his eyes are popping out," one of the patrons says.

The video has sparked outrage in a community that has seen too many fights at the same eatery -- many of which have gone viral on the Internet.

Last October, a YouTube video was posted showing cashier Rayon McIntosh beating two women -- both of whom had jumped over the counter -- with a metal rod. One of the women went to the hospital with a fractured skull and broken arm. McIntosh was cleared of felony assault charges because a Manhattan court found that he was defending himself during the incident, DNA Info reported.

Earlier last year, a homeless man was arrested for allegedly brutally pummeling a gay man outside the same restaurant, according to the New York Post. Alleged assailant Anthony Bray wasn't charged with a hate crime, only misdemeanor assault because he is also gay, the paper reported.



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