03/21/2012 12:54 pm ET Updated May 21, 2012

Tim Tebow Jets: Quarterback Traded To New York Jets (TWEETS)

New York, get ready for Tebowmania.

Broncos QB Tim Tebow was traded for a fourth-round pick to The New York Jets Wednesday.

The polarizing quarterback became available this week when the Broncos snatched up Peyton Manning for a five-year, $96 million contract.

With all the hype surrounding Tebow (what with his Tebowing and all) the Jets' current star quarterback Mark Sanchez might have to share the limelight -- and field -- with the young quarterback. And while Sanchez just signed a three-year $40.5 million extension with the Jets, general manager Mike Tannenbaum said publicly that Sanchez "didn't play well" last season. And while he had a shaky season of his own, Tebow took the Broncos to the AFC by winning six straight games (and eventually beating the Steelers)-- so it's no stretch of the imagination that Gang Green could start him.

The Times had previously speculated that Tebow might not be a good fit with the Jets.

The most appealing destinations for Tebow presumably would be teams with unstable quarterback situations, giving him a chance to start — or at least compete for a job. Jacksonville and Miami qualify. The Jets do not, having recently guaranteed $20.5 million to Sanchez in a new five-year contract that established him as their franchise quarterback.

Yahoo Sports says that the idea could lead to possibly the most entertaining (or divisive?) team in the NFL and that "the Jets, with the NFL's most polarizing player on their team—coached by quite a polarizing figure in Rex Ryan—would be impossibly riveting."

Will Leitch over at NYmag called the trade "loony" but goes on to outline why the decision might or might not work.

Everyone has an opinion, and so we're compiling the best tweets on the subject as events unfold. Click through our slideshow, and weigh in below! (Eager to learn more, New York? Gawker has a nifty primer for those who have been ignoring this whole Tebow craze up until now).