03/22/2012 06:10 pm ET

Ann Romney: Mitt 'Breaks Into Song' On Horseback

Ann Romney revealed a personal secret about her husband, Mitt, on Thursday: He's both an equestrian and a singer.

"Always, the second he gets on horseback, he breaks into song," she told conservative radio host Michael Medved, according to The Hill:

She volunteered that he mostly sings western "because it's so appropriate," naming Garth Brooks as one of his favorite artists to impersonate.

Ann Romney is often dispatched to make her husband seem more like a regular guy. On Tuesday, she released a video to wish him a happy wedding anniversary, and she often speaks on the campaign trail about their family.

Mitt has attempted to sing while campaigning, giving a weak rendition of "America the Beautiful" in Florida earlier this year.

There was no word from Ann on what he sings on horseback, but given the number of times it plays at his rallies, we'd put money on Kid Rock's "Born Free."