03/22/2012 06:24 pm ET Updated Mar 23, 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow's Oscar 2012 Appearance Took A Whole Lot Of Preparation (PHOTOS)

We've been obsessing over Gwyneth Paltrow's 2012 Oscars dress ever since, well, the Oscars -- and even more so when we learned it was inspired by Jackie Kennedy. (Which inspired us, naturally, to go purchase something similar.)

Luckily, Gwynnie's GOOP newsletter this Thursday was all about that pristine white Tom Ford creation and everything it took to get into it. Gwyneth goes through her entire Oscars process start to finish, from picking out her dress with her stylist to hamming it up at the Vanity Fair after-party (with Jane Fonda!). Here are five additional fun facts we learned from Gwyneth about her preparation for the big day:

1. The dress was only picked out a week in advance.

Gwyneth's stylist Elizabeth Saltzman said that she reaches out to several designers before the Oscars to see their designs. "This particular time, I went to meet with Tom Ford at his studio about a week before the event."

2. Saltzman admits that the politics of "who dresses who" can get dirty.
"Oh yes, the politics, especially when it comes to this event, can be rough if you don’t know the players," she says. She doesn't delve deeper (beyond saying that she has no issues, because she knows the players), but it definitely gets us speculating...

3. That sleek ponytail was almost a messy bun.
"Adir Abergel, who did my hair, initially goes for a tousled bun," writes Gwyneth. Luckily everyone came to their senses! "We all decide that the dress requires even simpler hair."

4. She got ready for the show with pal Cameron Diaz!
"It's more fun when you get ready with one of your best friends."

5. The highlight of the after-party was the french fries.
"The event was at the Sunset Tower Hotel and I may have had the best french fries ever there," says Gwyneth.

Somehow the entire thing is impossibly glamorous yet totally, well, normal. Fries? Friends? Sign us up.

Or, in lieu of that, go to and see all of Gwyneth's adorable candid pictures from Oscars day -- and check out her big red carpet moment below.