03/22/2012 11:24 am ET

Income Tax: Donald Duck Convinces Americans To Pay (VIDEO)

At a time when politicians are fighting over the mere suggestion that Americans might have to pay higher taxes, it's pretty fun to watch Donald Duck scaring the pants off everyone in an effort to get folks filing.

In 1943, the Treasury Department turned to the Donald -- in technicolor! -- to help communicate the importance of the income tax to the American people, most of whom had never paid income tax before (only the wealthy paid income taxes pre-World War II).

Entitled "The New Spirit," in the video Donald Duck is brainwashed, er convinced, by the voice inside of a radio that it is his patriotic duty to pay an income tax.

"Your country is at war," the voice inside of the radio beckons. "Your country needs taxes for guns! Taxes for ships! Taxes for democracy!"

The message gets a little scary, frankly.

"It's your taxes, my taxes, our taxes that run the factories -- American factories -- working day and night. Factories making guns, machine guns, anti-tank guns, long range guns. Guns! Guns! All kinds of guns! Blast the aggressors from the seas!"

But that's enough from us. Watch the video for yourself and let us know what you think. (Hat tip to NPR for flagging the video.)