03/22/2012 10:40 am ET Updated Mar 22, 2012

Jennifer Granholm Chokes Up: 'My Heart Breaks' For Trayvon Martin's Parents (VIDEO)

Current TV's Jennifer Granholm choked up while discussing the murder of Trayvon Martin on her show on Wednesday night.

Martin, an unarmed Florida teenager, was shot to death by a self-appointed neighborhood watch volunteer named George Zimmerman. His death has become a national tragedy. No charges have been filed against Zimmerman, and the police handling of the case has further fueled uproar over Martin's murder.

Granholm, the host of "War Room" and the former governor of Michigan, said the story devastated her as a parent. "I keep looking at pictures of the babyfaced handsome young man, and his voice crying for help on that 911 tape
is agonzing for any parent to hear," she said.

Her voice wavered as she compared her own son to Martin. "I have a wonderful teenage son too and he wears hoodies and he carries his cellphone and he likes skittles and if this were my son, my God," she continued. "But let's face it. This is not something that would happen to my son or many other sons. This happened because Trayvon was black."

Granholm called on the Sanford police department to take action against Martin's killer. She demanded that Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee resign, or the Department of Justice step in.

"My heart breaks for Trayvon's parents," she said. "Imagine that it were your son on that 911 tape begging for someone to help. Would you be satisfied with George Zimmerman being a free man?"



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