03/22/2012 07:44 pm ET

Kurt Varner Is Launching A Startup -- From His Car

While most entrepreneurs have pretty modest office spaces while building their startups, Kurt Varner is taking bootstrapping to a new level. The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur has set his sights on creating a Silicon Valley startup -- from the backseat of his Honda Civic.

While it's not Varner's first entrepreneurial foray -- he founded and sold video blog site Vloggo -- he feels that moving his operations up the coast will help him meet his startup goals faster. "There's so much talent [in Silicon Valley] and a lot of ways to raise money," he said. "While we can't actually move up here until mid-summer because my wife is a teacher, I knew I didn't want to sit and wait in L.A."

Varner is the lone founder of Daily Toaster, an app that promises to get you out of bed on time everyday. Set to launch sometime in April, Varner is on the hunt for a co-founder and investors, and hopes that his unusual living approach will make him a lot of connections. "I'm a designer, so I'm looking for someone that is interested in solving the same problem," he said. "I'm looking to build a team, me and a co-founder, and then I'll start seeking out funding."

After taking care of the obvious (tinting his car windows, confirming vagrancy laws) Varner set out for the Bay Area, where he'll utilize co-working spaces like Hacker Dojo, cook meals in shared kitchenettes and ask for shower privileges via Twitter.

You can follow his journey -- and offer him a shower -- on his blog.